God.. Is about relationship

God.. Is about relationship

For those of you who have been burnt by religion, just can’t buy some of the doctrine, or simply do not believe in a source power, let me just say this:

Science has not been able to find the God gene.  But I have.  It is inside of me!

We call the Source of All many things. For example, the creative life force is known as  God, Life, Intelligence, Beauty, Truth, Allah, Light, Goddess, Energy, Universe, Angels, Holy, Great, and Divine Spirit, gods and goddesses and on and on.  But if the truth be told, God is all of that. God is male and female, and everything in between. God has no gender, except as is manifested in this third dimensional creation we call Earth. God, or the Life Force, created all and is the Created Itself.  Even though God is ineffable and un-seeable, because this life force resides in us, as life, we can have a personal relationship with it.  When we align with the Spirit of Creation, we experience love like no other, peace of mind, joy in our hearts, compassion for ourselves and others. The benefits far outweigh the risk.  Did you ever stop to think that giving up some belief you may have about God may fill you with all of these wonderful emotions? It can.  Let go. And BE Inspired!

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