Amy - "I was referred to Brie for a reading in 2010, and I've been meeting with her ever since because she is the best. She takes the time to really explain what different cards mean. The readings are never hurried. She's intuitive and insightful, and her readings are amazingly detailed and accurate. I often send her messages after the reading stating.. You were right! She also goes the extra mile to give me ideas of ways to improve myself (affirmations, meditation, prayer etc.) That help me get over those rough patches in life."

Teresa - "Thank you Brie for meeting with me. You brought me so much clarity and helped me see the flaw I need to fix within myself!! I am going to keep your email handy.. just in case I have an 'event' to invite you to."

Sally - "My 'crush' responded right away, gave me his personal cell number,  and said he would be "honored" to meet with me.  We will meet offsite within the next week. We also talked a bit face-to-face at the graduation ceremony. I'm SO excited! Thanks for the reading and insight."

Teresea - "Well you were right once again! Larry took me ring shopping & then booked a trip to be married in Puerto Rico in 3 weeks. Just thought I would share the news since you called it! I found my soul mate for now & forever – thank you so much for all you have ​done to help & FIX us J I am happier than I have ever been before in my entire life. You called it last May & I doubted it….you are amazing, thank you!"

Sherri - "You helped me with my perspective and gave me hope for the future."
Donna - "Thank you so much for giving me guidance and clarity in my situation."
Jacque - "Thank you for the reading.  You helped to clear the confusion and allow me to know the right action to take.  You are an awesome reader."
Sari -  "I'm a grandmother - it's a boy - that's what you said the baby would be.  His name is Elijah."
Donna - "You said my grandbaby would be an Aquarian - it will be!  How did you know that?  The doctor has set the date for the Caesarian delivery during the sign of Aquarius.  And again you were right, it's a girl."
Erica - "You are an amazing reader.  The blockage you pointed out is something I have to change within myself - and I am working on it."
Anne - "Frankly I thought, 'no way', when you told me I would be buying a house.  Guess what, I just purchased my own home.  Thank you for giving me the faith to believe it was possible."

Susan - "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I just had a one hour meditation by Brie Caruso who is a totally awesome and gifted Christian. I thank the Lord every day for bringing her into my life."