Your mind is a dangerous neighborhood

Your mind is a dangerous neighborhood

“Your mind is a dangerous neighborhood. Don’t go there alone.”  I heard this line in a movie I was watching, and it struck me like lightning. I thought, “that is profound!”

What does this mean? Allow me to tell you.  The left brain, which is our reasoning mind, is compatible with lower vibratory energies: energies of fear, doubt, depression, anger, resentment, what if‘s, if only’s, stored traumas, and a myriad of other  negative memories, beliefs, and emotions.  These negative thoughts hold us back and keep us from achieving our goals, from fulfilling our dreams, from being happy.  It really is a dangerous place to go alone.  The trick is to take right brain with you. But, you can’t just take it by the hand and say, “let’s go!”  You must know how to get into this neighborhood of love, peace, compassion, beauty, joy, genius, creativity etc. where they reside.  You must allow right brain to take the lead.

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