About Brie

    Blessed with a spiritual mother who was always available when the need arose, even as a small child Brie was taught to look to the Divine Spirit within for answers and guidance.  She accompanied her mother in hands on healing, praying for others, visiting those in hospitals, nursing homes and the bed-ridden.  The Bible has been her standard for living, self change and acceptance of new beliefs. 

​    She began studying the ancient sciences of Astrology, Numerology, Universal Symbolism, and the meanings and importance of Color.  Because of her strict religious training, these studies were met with much emotional conflict on her part.  God gave her a vision that brought about a change in her understanding and led her to use the knowledge she had acquired to read The Tarot, an ancient secret Spiritual code.  As she studied and practiced this modality, she began to see that the mysteries of the cards could actually be related to and interpreted by the Scriptures.

     Brie's knowledge and practice has grown through many different schools of thought.  She has been propelled into moving in the Light Realm where healing, knowledge, power, forgiveness and love reside and become manifest, transforming lower energies into the coming high vibrations of the planet.  She is a certified hypnotherapist, a La Ho Chi healer/practitioner, remote reader, counselor, and guided meditation facilitator.

​    Brie provides a bridge that can be used to access the higher vibrations.  She aligns with Source Energy which is the True Power for transformation.  Erroneous thought patterns and unsatisfactory lifestyles are changed, mental, emotional and physical conditions are healed, and harmonious balance is restored.  Her sessions are inclusive as to past life, present life and future life changes.